Wyld Womyn Porongurup National Park Multi-day Hiking Adventure 24th - 26th November 2017

  • Duration : 3 Days (approx.)
  • Product code : P8L20T
From AUD $780.00

An adventure for Womyn to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-healing, fully supported in a nurturing, fun and safe environment. Join a group of like-minded womyn all looking to ignite the fire within, challenging each other to be the best version of themselves both mentally and physically through building a connection with Mother Earth, nurturing your wyld spirit & nourishing your mental well-being.

Our multi-day hikes empower women by teaching simple sustainable tasks that they can then implement into daily routines and goals as well as feeling more confident at making more affirmative decisions about their future. Our aim is for Women to leave our Hiking Adventures feeling inspired, capable, and more empowered to cope with the many challenges and demands women are often dealt with. By spending time in nature with like-minded women who have often experienced first-hand many of their own mental health problems, a certain level of understanding, empathy and compassion arises providing women a safe, nurturing environment to be vulnerable, sharing their tears and laughter. These hikes really can be the start of something new for so many. Whether you are just finding yourself feeling a little bit lost or are suffering with one of the many mental health issues facing women today, a Wyld Womyn’s Hiking Adventure is exactly what doctors are prescribing, 'time in Nature' and as John Muir famously quotes “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”


Departing: 7am – 5.30pm, 24th – 26th November, 2017

Pickup locations: North - Perth Tourist Coach Stand 6.30am / South - Cockburn Central Station 7.00am

Duration3 days, 2 nights

Price: $780.00 per person ($250.00 deposit required with full balance due 2 weeks prior. Payment plans available) 

Grade: 4/5 

Please note: we must have a minimum of 4 participants for the walks to go ahead. Maximum 10 participants.

Highlights of the Tour

*The challenge of hiking through the oldest mountain range in Australia, the Porongurup National Park. Over 1.2 billion years old, this ancient range is home to towering granite peaks, majestic stands of karri trees & is renowned for its natural beauty & a huge variety of natural of flora & fauna.

*No heavy backpack. You don’t need to lug your 30kg Backpack around with you as the bus transports us to & from the trail each day. A daypack is all you need to carry around.

*An amazing opportunity for you to spend the weekend with a group of like-minded women with no distractions other than nature and to simply be in the moment. A journey rich with experiences that will be sure to see you making heartfelt connections.

*Returning each evening to comfortable accommodation. Glamping is the perfect way to experience the Australian Wilderness without compromising on comfort & that is why we have chosen to include this unique experience for our Wyld Womyn. Let your mind & soul wander as you connect with nature, without sacrificing those creature comforts like hot showers, comfy bed & quality food. 

*This adventure creates the opportunity for you to take time out and un-plug from your busy, over committed, responsible life and take time to relax, revive and have fun! Liberate yourself from the stresses encountered with modern-day living and discover new reserves of energy, a deeper sense of self and reconnect with your passion for life.

*The Healthy Mind, Healthy Life program has been designed to fully support, nurture and nourish women in a fun and safe environment who need to escape from their anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, addiction as well as many other forms of mental health problems and for those women whose overall mindset has taken a bit of a dive.